Cylindrical / Museum Jar, Plain, Borosilicate Glass (SIMAX) (Lids sold separately)


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The Cylindrical Museum Jar, manufactured by Simax, is a high-quality glass container designed for various storage and display purposes. Made from durable borosilicate glass, these jars offer excellent transparency and resistance to heat and chemicals. The plain design allows for clear visibility of the contents and easy viewing from different angles. Please note that lids are sold separately for added flexibility in sealing and protecting the contents. Available in a range of sizes, these museum jars provide a versatile solution for preserving and showcasing valuable objects, specimens, artifacts, and collections. Whether used in museums, laboratories, educational settings, or personal collections, Simax Cylindrical Museum Jars are a reliable choice for safe and elegant storage.

  • Storage and preservation of artefacts in museums
  • Display and showcasing of specimens and collections
  • Preservation of valuable objects and artefacts
  • Secure storage of scientific samples in laboratories
  • Protection and preservation of delicate items
  • Organizing and storing small items or components
  • Suitable for educational purposes, such as displaying scientific specimens
  • Ideal for personal collections and hobbyists
  • Versatile storage solution for a wide range of objects and materials.
Code Outer Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Material
CJ100100-1 100 100 Borosilicate Glass
CJ100150-1 100 150 Borosilicate Glass
CJ100200-1 100 200 Borosilicate Glass
CJ150150-1 150 150 Borosilicate Glass
CJ150200-1 150 200 Borosilicate Glass
CJ150250-1 150 250 Borosilicate Glass
CJ200200-1 200 200 Borosilicate Glass

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